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About Breast Implants Procedures in Alberta

Individuals interested in breast augmentation surgery should locate a board-certified Alberta plastic surgeon who specializes in the surgical placement of breast implants. Breast surgeons in Alberta have helped many women achieve a more pronounced cleavage and treat the unsightly physical changes to their bustline caused by aging, pregnancy or breast cancer. Breast implants are also a solution for women of all ages who have naturally small breasts. In addition to breast augmentation, Alberta breast enhancement surgeons offer a range of other surgical procedures for the breasts, including breast lift, breast reduction, breast reconstruction and male breast reduction to treat gynecomastia. If you are contemplating breast enhancement surgery, it is essential that you locate a skilled plastic surgeon who has an excellent surgical track record. When considering breast surgery, be sure to have a good idea of your aesthetic goals. Most women collect a few breast augmentation before and after photos to serve as a visual guide for the type of look they strive to obtain.

Types of Breast Implants Offered by Alberta Breast Surgeons

Prior to scheduling a consultation appointment with a breast surgeon in Alberta, be sure to educate yourself on important aspects of breast augmentation surgery, such as the different types of breast implants. Most Alberta plastic surgeons offer three types of breast implants, including saline breast implants, silicone breast implants and gummy bear breast implants. A saline breast implant is a water and salt-based prosthesis that can be filled following placement to create the desired shape and size. Silicone and gummy bear breast implants are gel-based and are generally more desired because they tend to produce a more natural look. While currently awaiting FDA approval in the United States, gummy bear breast implants have been approved for surgical use in Canada. Unlike a silicone breast implant, a gummy bear is a cohesive implant, meaning the gel is much more solid, which reduces the risk of gel migration should the implant rupture.

Information for Patients Seeking Mommy Makeover Surgery in Alberta

One of many advantages of breast surgery is that it can be combined with other body contouring procedures for a full body cosmetic treatment, also known as mommy makeover. Originally created to address the unique aesthetic concerns of women following pregnancy, mommy makeover can be performed on anyone who wants to achieve a more attractive body. Mommy makeover surgery is an individually tailored treatment that often involves a combination of procedures such as breast surgery, liposuction and tummy tuck, but can also include a thigh lift, butt implants and arm lift. Mommy makeover surgery has allowed many breast surgery, liposuction Alberta and Alberta tummy tuck patients to obtain a desired physical appearance in just one surgery.

Why You Should Recover from Breast Surgery in Alberta

If you are traveling to Alberta to undergo breast surgery, you should consider spending a few extra days enjoying this naturally beautiful Canadian province. One of the most popular vacation destinations in Canada, Alberta offers the perfect balance of attractions for all types of travelers, from outdoor enthusiasts to those who feel more comfortable in an urban setting. If you are an outdoor lover, in Alberta you will find a range of forests, national parks and ski resorts that offer great recreational activities all year. On the other hand, if you like to shop, eat and explore cultural landmarks, you will want to stay in either Edmonton or Calgary, where you can find exciting cultural events, celebrations, accommodations and services. To learn more, please visit Alberta's official website.

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