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Hamilton Plastic Surgery Clinic Information

While several aesthetic concerns can be addressed with non-invasive cosmetic treatments, including Botox, some can only be corrected through plastic surgery. Plastic surgery clinic Hamilton patients who struggle with skin inelasticity in the face and jawline often achieve stunning results with facelift, a cosmetic procedure that tightens loose facial skin. Other individuals may feel self-conscious about a disproportionate or oddly shaped nose. With rhinoplasty, Hamilton cosmetic surgeons gently alter the size and/or shape of the nose to improve the overall balance of the facial features and enhance patients' beauty. In instances where patients have failed to lose stubborn fat deposits through diet and exercise, plastic surgeons help their liposuction Hamilton patients treat persistent trouble areas for a more balanced physique.

After losing a significant amount of weight following childbirth or weight loss surgery, patients may note their abdominal muscles and skin have become stretched. Even with the most earnest weight loss efforts, little can be done to treat this condition short of tummy tuck surgery, during which a Hamilton plastic surgeon tightens underlying abdominal muscles and removes excess skin. For women who are not genetically big busted, breast augmentation surgery can help them achieve a fuller, more attractive bustline. Undergoing these advanced cosmetic surgery procedures can help plastic surgery clinic Hamilton patients feel more confident in their appearance than ever before.

Locating a Qualified Hamilton Plastic Surgeon

Becoming an accomplished cosmetic surgeon requires an extensive amount of education and training. Qualified Hamilton plastic surgeons must first complete an undergraduate degree from an accredited school before earning a medical degree. Most cosmetic surgeons obtain a Doctor of Medicine degree; however, some may earn a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree. Those with Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degrees (DOs) receive training similar to that of MDs, with additional training in osteopathic manipulative medicine techniques. Following their graduation from medical school, plastic surgeons must complete a medical internship and residency. Some plastic surgeons perform additional fellowship training in a concentrated field of surgery, such as craniofacial, reconstructive or hand surgery. Cosmetic surgeons typically receive their board certification from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Your Consultation at a Hamilton Plastic Surgery Clinic

Once you have located a qualified Hamilton plastic surgeon, it is important that you prepare for your consultation appointment. Most prospective Hamilton cosmetic surgery patients bring a list of questions as well as some photographs that reflect their aesthetic goals. During your consultation appointment, you will have an opportunity to address all of your aesthetic concerns and receive expert opinion from your Hamilton plastic surgeon. He/she will also cover a range of important topics, such as the cost of plastic surgery, and show you before and after photos of whatever procedure(s) you are interested in. Prospective liposuction patients can view liposuction before and after pictures, while Hamilton breast augmentation and facelift Hamilton patients can examine pictures of people who have undergone their chosen procedures. You will also be introduced to the medical team who will be available to you for preoperative preparations at the plastic surgery clinic Hamilton as well as aftercare and throughout your recovery. Oakville is close to Hamilton and home to many great medispa facilities. If you are interested in getting rid of unwanted hair after your plastic surgery, inquire with your plastic surgeon what options laser hair removal Oakville patients have.

If you are a board-certified plastic surgeon and are interested on how to be listed on our website, please call 858-454-5505 or click here to email us.

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