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A Note About the Liposuction Surgeon Philadelphia Directory

Philadelphia is home to many highly experienced liposuction surgeons. All of the listed plastic surgery specialists have completed multiple years of specialized training and have passed rigorous examinations in order to obtain the prestigious title of a board-certified plastic surgeon. While these Philadelphia liposuction surgeons might perform a variety of other procedures in addition to lipoplasty, potential patients should recognize that they are not bariatric surgeons. Patients who are interested in surgical weight loss options should consult an experienced Philadelphia weight loss surgery specialist who can provide them with such bariatric treatments as gastric banding or gastric bypass. After obese patients have lost most of their excess weight, they often undergo liposuction in Philadelphia to remove remaining localized fatty tissue deposits. While this procedure can be very helpful, patients who have lost an especially large amount of weight often require more comprehensive treatments, such as body contouring and/or complete lower body lift. For these patients, it is often recommended that they undergo liposuction in Philadelphia after first receiving the above-mentioned more invasive plastic surgery treatments.

Combining Liposuction with a Vacation in Philadelphia

Many patients who come to Philadelphia for liposuction spend the days following their procedures enjoying an exciting vacation in this lively, diverse city. Philadelphia offers a variety of cultural and historical attractions, extensive parks, vibrant nightlife and numerous delectable dining options. Most visitors who come to Philadelphia arrive at the city's International Airport. This facility boasts a reputation as one of America's finest airports in terms of its extensive food and beverage selection. After enjoying Philadelphia's famous cheesesteak or a hoagie, many visitors feel curious to learn more about this city that inspired these and many other legendary dishes. A good place to start the journey into Philadelphia's history is the Arch Street Friends Meeting House. This building serves both as a museum highlighting the unique Quaker tradition and also as a fully functional Quaker meeting facility. Constructed in 1804, Arch Street House remains the largest Quaker meeting house in the world, accommodating Quaker groups from Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Maryland. After a day spent learning about Philadelphia's past, many visitors enjoy an inspiring evening taking in one of the exceptional performances of the Pennsylvania Ballet. This cornerstone of Philadelphia's cultural life features a variety of productions ranging from classical masterpieces such as Swan Lake to contemporary arrangements set to the moving songs of Frank Sinatra.

Additional Cosmetic Enhancement Specialists in Philadelphia

Many patients who undergo liposuction in Philadelphia are positively surprised by the beautiful results and the short recovery time of this treatment. Perhaps this is why liposuction patients often feel inspired to pursue additional plastic surgery in Philadelphia. Some of the more popular cosmetic surgery procedures include breast augmentation, facelift and tummy tuck. However, patients should remember that the latter procedure is not a weight loss surgery. People who desire to lose a large amount of weight should consult with an experienced Philadelphia bariatric surgeon who specializes in procedures that are geared towards inducing weight loss, such as gastric bypass and gastric banding. Some plastic surgery and/or bariatric surgery patients are also interested in enhancing the appearance of their smiles.

If you are a board-certified plastic surgeon and are interested on how to be listed on our website, please call 858-454-5505 or click here to email us.

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