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About Liposuction in South Bay / Long Beach, California

Liposuction has been gaining popularity as more and more people seek to enhance their body contours through this procedure. Lipoplasty, or liposuction, is a method of re-contouring the body by addressing problem areas like the hips, buttocks, thighs and upper arms. It is recommended for people who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, but not for significantly overweight people. During liposuction, several small incisions are made in the fatty areas, through which a top South Bay / Long Beach liposuction specialist inserts a special surgical tube (a cannula). The surgeon uses the cannula to suction out the fat that lies between the skin and the muscle. The featured Long Beach / South Bay liposuction surgeons perform several forms of lipoplasty, including tumescent liposuction. Because the latter procedure uses smaller tubes, it may provide better results with a faster recovery time, less scarring and less pain.

Another use of liposuction is to treat the breast area for both men and women. Women who have overly large breasts often seek out a skilled surgeon specializing in breast reduction surgery. While surgical excision is often common, many attempt to reduce the size of their breasts with liposuction if their surgeon recommends it. This same treatment is also available to men suffering from gynecomastia. This is a genetic condition which causes males to grow enlarged breasts. If you are interested in pursuing any form of body contouring, it is important to work with board certified plastic surgeons as they have undergone extensive training and continued education providing them with a wealth of surgical experience.

After Liposuction in South Bay / Long Beach

Liposuction recovery time varies per patient. After they have recovered, South Bay / Long Beach liposuction patients can explore numerous exciting city sites. The historic Queen Mary is a 1930s cruise liner that provides various kinds of entertainment. Registered guests can stay overnight, as it is a hotel, but they can also take a historic or paranormal tour, browse its shops, listen to bands and attend the Tibbies dinner theater. The Queen Mary has set the scene for many photo shoots, TV shows and movies, including Pearl Harbor.

Combination Plastic Surgery Treatments in Long Beach / South Bay

Many liposuction patients combine this procedure with other body contouring treatments, such as tummy tuck in South Bay / Long Beach. Similarly, some breast augmentation Long Beach patients receive stomach and flank liposuction in order to accentuate their waistlines. The precise combination of procedures depends on the aesthetic wishes and needs of each patient. This is why only a personal consultation with a Long Beach plastic surgery specialist can help determine the exact treatment plan.

If you are a board-certified plastic surgeon and are interested on how to be listed on our website, please call 858-454-5505 or click here to email us.

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