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Vancouver Tummy Tuck Surgeons – Abdominoplasty Surgery in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)

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Information on Vancouver Tummy Tuck Surgeons

Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, (BC), is home to some of the best tummy tuck surgeons in North America. Over the years, Vancouver tummy tuck surgeons have established a reputation for excellence.

When comparing tummy tuck surgeons in Vancouver, BC, be sure to select a plastic surgeon who has received advanced education in plastic surgery. Some plastic surgeons undergo years of training in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, including procedures like tummy tuck.

Your Vancouver tummy tuck surgeon will begin the procedure by making a large incision, in the shape of a V, in the abdominal area. Due to this incision and the invasive nature of the tummy tuck procedure, it usually takes a week or more to recover following surgery.

Most Vancouver abdominoplasty surgeons advise patients who have had gastric bypass and other types of weight loss surgery to forego tummy tuck in favor of a slightly different procedure known as panniculectomy. After having undergone weight loss surgery or panniculectomy, some patients choose to have a body lift to improve their appearance.

Most tummy tuck surgeons in Vancouver offer several cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and treatments in addition to abdominoplasty; this includes liposuction, breast augmentation, microdermabrasion and other popular aesthetic enhancements.

Traveling to Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) for Tummy Tuck Surgery

If you are searching for a city where you can relax and explore before and after your tummy tuck surgery, Vancouver offers a great option. Situated on the Burrard Inlet and surrounded by dramatic scenery, Vancouver is the ideal location to relax and recover following your abdominoplasty procedure.

Vancouver, BC, is Western Canada's most important trade hub and one of the nation's top tourist destinations. With an outstanding array of museums, theatres and restaurants — not to mention endless opportunities for outdoor recreation — it is no wonder Vancouver has become one of the world's most popular cities to visit.

The greater Vancouver area is perhaps best known as a centre for winter sports. Just north of the city is Whistler, home to the world-famous Whistler Blackcomb ski resort. In addition to skiing, other popular outdoor activities include sailing, hiking, kayaking, cycling and many others.

Vancouver is also a top destination for sports enthusiasts. Professional sports teams include the Vancouver Canucks (hockey), Ravens (lacrosse), Whitecaps (soccer) and Canadians (baseball).

Visitors to Vancouver who arrive by air land at Vancouver International Airport.

If you are a board-certified plastic surgeon and are interested on how to be listed on our website, please call 858-454-5505 or click here to email us.

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