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Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) in Charlotte

Rhinoplasty surgery is used to reshape the nose to improve appearance or to aid in breathing. As a cosmetic surgery procedure, the width, overall size or shape of the nose can be enhanced to improve the facial appearance and profile. As a medical procedure, nose surgery is used to remove obstacles in the nasal breathing pathway and create lower resistance to incoming and exiting air through the nostrils. Many patients who are interested in rhinoplasty, are also interested in anti-aging procedures, such as those to soften and moisten the facial skin (microdermabrasion or chemical peels), to remove or reduce wrinkles (Botox or Restylane) or to remove unsightly hair (laser hair removal). It is best to consult a Charlotte board certified plastic surgeon to learn about these various procedures and to determine which are best for you. Rhinoplasty surgeons can often combine facial surgery procedures to provide a total rejuvenation of the facial appearance. The procedures, such as eyelid surgery, neck lift or browlift, can be combined with rhinoplasty for Charlotte facelift surgery patients to create a full facial makeover. Combination procedures are not normally performed during the same surgical session and may occur over a number of months.

Other Enhancement Procedures in Charlotte

The rhinoplasty Charlotte surgeons listed above also typically offer a variety of cosmetic procedures for the body. Another procedure, like rhinoplasty, that can have both a medical and cosmetic purpose is breast reduction. Sometimes breasts are so large that the weight can cause back pain and/or cause poor posture. Breast reduction surgery can improve the appearance of the bustline and help to relieve the medical issues. These surgeons also can help with other body contouring procedures, such as for Charlotte abdominoplasty and Charlotte liposuction patients.

Visiting Colleges While Visiting Charlotte for Surgery

Due to the many highly qualified plastic surgeons and the number of top educational institutions in Charlotte, patients often travel to Charlotte for aesthetic surgery and to visit prospective institutions with their college-oriented children. The Kings College of North Carolina and Belmont Abbey College are two well known liberal arts colleges in the area. For those interested in public educational institutions, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is an excellent school. It is the fourth largest university in the University of North Carolina system and has a number of campuses scattered the Charlotte area. Patients can visit Charlotte to enhance their appearance with cosmetic surgery and then recover while exploring the educational opportunities for their children.

If you are a board-certified plastic surgeon and are interested on how to be listed on our website, please call 858-454-5505 or click here to email us.

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