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Undergoing Breast Enhancement Surgery in Montreal

The decision to undergo breast enhancement surgery is a personal and important choice. It is also a popular choice among women in both Canada and the United States. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that breast augmentation surgery was the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure among women in 2012; 286,000 women underwent breast augmentation in 2012. It is clear that patients who choose to undergo breast augmentation in Montreal are not alone.

Although breast enhancement is extremely popular, there are many individual factors that each patient must take into account when deciding which type of breast surgery to have. Women with small, asymmetrical or deflated-looking breasts should find a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform breast augmentation and/or breast lift surgery. In the hands of a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon Montreal patients can attain the voluptuous figure they have always wanted. Some women and even men may opt for breast reduction surgery. An esteemed Montreal breast surgeon can help with that, too.

Breast Augmentation Options

Depending on each patient's unique anatomy and aesthetic goals for breast augmentation surgery, patients can choose from a few breast implants options, including whether to use saline-filled implants, silicone-filled implants or highly cohesive gel implants, sometimes called "gummy bear" breast implants. During consultation, an experienced breast augmentation Montreal plastic surgeon will review these choices and help each patient decide which type of breast implant is best.

Breast enhancement patients also need to choose the size and shape of breast implants, as well as where the plastic surgeon should place the implants. Should the Montreal cosmetic surgeon position breast implants above the chest muscle (subglandular placement) or below the chest muscle (subpectoral placement)? Again, this depends on each individual's goals and physique, and should be discussed with a highly qualified Montreal breast augmentation provider during consultation.

Combining Breast Procedures

Although breast augmentation surgery will undoubtedly make breasts more voluminous and may offer a slight lift, women who have sagging breasts, pancake-like breasts, or breasts with nipples that point downward or outward should consider breast lift surgery. An adept cosmetic surgeon can perform breast lift surgery alone or in conjunction with breast augmentation.

With breast lift procedures, the precision-oriented plastic surgeon cannot only raise breasts to a higher position on the chest, he or she can also reposition awkwardly pointing nipples. With the right Montreal breast surgeon, women can regain youthful-looking breasts, even if they have lost breast elasticity and/or volume due to breast feeding, major weight loss, aging or hereditary factors.

Finding a Plastic Surgeon in Montreal

While the right plastic surgeon can offer positive, life-changing aesthetic results, an under-qualified plastic surgeon may deliver mediocre results at best. That's why it is so important to choose a highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Prospective breast enhancement patients should ask friends or trusted acquaintances for recommendations, or they should consult a cosmetic surgeon directory that specializes in board-certified plastic surgeons.

If you are a board-certified plastic surgeon and are interested on how to be listed on our website, please call 858-454-5505 or click here to email us.

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