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A Note About Undergoing Facelift in North Jersey

North New Jersey (Newark, Nutley, Kearny, Livingston, Teaneck and Montclair) is a popular destination for various cosmetic surgery procedures, including face lift surgery. This directory lists some of North Jersey's most accomplished board-certified plastic surgeons specializing in advanced facelift procedures, such as deep plane lift, mid facelift and thread lift. The listed North Jersey facelift specialists conduct extensive consultations with their patients in order to recommend the most suitable treatment. Sometimes they suggest a combination of procedures to achieve the best possible facial rejuvenation results. For example, some of their North NJ face lift patients also undergo eyelid surgery and/or neck lift to achieve a harmonious, refreshed facial appearance. In addition, these North NJ facelift specialists usually recommend that their patients receive periodic facial injectable treatments, such as Sculptra, to maintain and extend the results of their surgical facial procedures. Another procedure that is sometimes used to enhance the results of a face lift is microdermabrasion — a treatment whereby a younger, healthier layer of facial skin is revealed.

Many top Northern New Jersey facelift surgeons work closely with cosmetic dentists to help improve not only the beauty, but the functionality of their patients' facial appearance. Cosmetic dentists are often highly trained in a number of areas, including dental implants, porcelain veneers and wisdom teeth removal.

Information for Patients Coming to North New Jersey for Facelift Surgery

North New Jersey is a sought-after destination for many face lift surgery patients who wish to undergo their treatments and recover in a secluded, quiet setting. Many of them also enjoy learning about the state's fascinating history and the many famous people of North Jersey while vacationing in this refined, relaxing location. One of the more famous New Jerseyans is the celebrated American poet and journalist Joyce Kilmer. Born in New Brunswick as the fourth son of physician and chemist Frederick B. Kilmer, he decided to pursue a wholly different career path, becoming the leading Roman Catholic poet of his generation. Unfortunately, Joyce Kilmer was killed at the age of 31 during World War I while serving as a sergeant with the U.S. Army in France. To celebrate the memory of this beloved poet, numerous sites in the state of New Jersey have been named after him, ranging from Joyce Kilmer Elementary School in Mahwah to Camp Kilmer in Edison. An important historic site, Camp Kilmer played a vital role during World War II as a major transportation hub for U.S. soldiers traveling to and from Europe. Jersey guests interested in exploring this and other historic sites can use the convenient North Jersey transportation network referred to as the Liberty Corridor. This sophisticated transportation network consists of coordinated highways, airports, rail lines and ports. Up-to-the-minute information about traffic conditions and recommended travel routes can be found on the website of the State of New Jersey Department of Transportation.

If you are a board-certified plastic surgeon and are interested on how to be listed on our website, please call 858-454-5505 or click here to email us.