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Serving plastic and cosmetic surgery patients in Chicago and the surrounding areas

Michael Byun, MD, SC, is a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of the Plastic Surgery. A fellowship-trained surgeon, Dr. Byun is committed to providing his patients with high-quality, personalized care that exceeds expectations. Dr. Byun has been featured on FOX and NBC as a plastic surgery expert. He has also been profiled by Chicago Magazine and New Beauty magazine as one of Chicago’s elite plastic surgeons.

Dr. Byun performs a wide range of plastic surgery procedures for the face, breast and body. He has studied and trained in facial plastic surgery extensively, which has allowed him to hone his skill in the most advanced facelift techniques. His innovative midface technique which uses endoscope and muscle repositioning (VECS) has been presented at several national plastic surgery conferences. Dr. Byun also specializes in breast enhancement procedures, including breast augmentation with both saline and silicone gel implants, and offers liposuction, tummy tuck and butt augmentation to improve and enhance the body’s natural curves.

In addition to performing a full suite of surgical cosmetic procedures, Dr. Byun offers a variety of non-surgical treatments to treat sun damage and signs of aging with minimal risk or downtime. Options include Dermal Spin, dermal pen, microdermabrasion and BOTOX and Juvederm.

The Byun Method

Dr. Byun has been offering the “Byun Method” for 20 years. Tired of seeing the effects of overcorrection with Botox and fillers and facelifts that left patients looking artificial or frozen, Dr. Byun created a new way to achieve a more natural look. His commonsense approach involves elevating the descended cheek pad that includes muscle and fat through tiny incisions and lifting the facial muscles back to their original position. This is done using endoscope and done below the muscle level. Once the muscle finds its original position then he performs skin re draping without cutting away any skin.

A pioneer in his field, Dr. Byun first introduced this technique to the American College of Surgeons and has continued perfecting it over the past 20 years. The results prove themselves to be revolutionary. There is no cutting skin away with his procedure; therefore, no chance for nerve damage. He uses a special dissection technique with endoscope to magnify the nerves and vessels.  Dr. Byun utilizes sutures to connect delicate tissues, a technique he researched and developed himself. He also uses a specialized bioabsorbable sutures for midface.

Dr. Byun stands behind his modern approach to plastic surgery and slowing down the signs of aging and enhancing one’s appearance. Often called “the doctor with the magic hands,” his work is very unique. For more information about this innovative procedure, visit

To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Byun and learn more about your plastic surgery options, please call (800) 887-5602.

More about Dr. Michael Byun

Michael Byun, MD, SC, completed his medical degree and clinical fellowship in plastic surgery at Northwestern University Medical School. Dr. Byun was a research advisor at the University of California, department of neurobiology and at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Research. He is also a former instructor at Northwestern University and assistant professor at Rush University.

Dr. Byun has received advanced certifications in specialized cosmetic and reconstructive treatments, including ultra-pulse laser resurfacing, erbium laser, endoscopic carpal tunnel release, endoscopic surgery in plastic surgery, and maxillofacial principle and technique.

An accomplished author, Dr. Byun has published numerous articles on various plastic surgery topics. He has also published a consumer book on plastic surgery and has presented at many national and international plastic surgery conferences.

Dr. Byun is a member of the American Medical Association and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

He is currently a facial trauma plastic surgeon at Lutheran General Hospital and a surgical advisory board member at USPI as well as serving as a board member at Northwestern school of Engineering, Evanston, Illinois.

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